by Molly Robinson

The DRAFT Existing Conditions Analysis Report is (finally) ready for your review. This is a comprehensive study of the downtown area and discusses in detail the information presented back at the May 9th Workshop and much, much more. Find it on our Publications page. It’s broken into two pdfs, each about 20 MB in size.

DRAFT Existing Conditions Analysis Report – Chapters 1-4
DRAFT Existing Conditions Analysis Report – Chapters 5-10

We know that we don’t have everything covered in this report, and that’s where you come in. It’s important that you share with us the data, information, photos, reports, maps, and other stuff that you have so we can have the most complete report possible. This report represents over a year of data gathering, analysis, mapping, collaboration, and writing. Will you please help us polish this draft report?

Please submit all comments on the draft report to Michaela Oktay at Comments are due by October 18th in order for us to incorporate pertinent information into the final version of the report.