I Am Downtown…

Place a pin on this interactive map and tell us your downtown story!

If you live, work or play in Downtown Salt Lake we want your story. Your story may fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Completion of the phrase “I am Downtown…”
  • A particular memory or an event, person, or emotion associated with Downtown.
  • A description of a particular place, past or present, in the Downtown.
  • A description of something Downtown needs or a specific problem/solution

Idea Forum

Do you have a grand idea for downtown? What does Downtown need to help support the area as a neighborhood or as a destination? Does the Draft Vision Statement resonate with you? Let us know at our idea forum!


Public Events

Get involved in the plan by participating in one of the Downtown planning events. The Downtown Team also comes out to community events to get your feedback and talk about planning the future of downtown. Join as at one of these events and tell us your vision for Downtown!