by Molly Robinson
Last Wednesday, August 27, 2014, the Planning Commission forwarded a favorable recommendation to the City Council to adopt the new Downtown Master Plan. The City Council will make a decision to adopt, adopt with changes, or not adopt the proposed master plan. You can read the Draft Plan here. To stay involved in the process and to learn more, you can read through our project website, maintain your subscriptions to emails and social media (Facebook, Twitter), and subscribe to the City Council’s “Stay Informed” services. We believe the Draft Plan reflects the outcomes of the planning process and what our community values.
From the beginning of the project, an equitable and accessible public participation effort has been a tenet of the Downtown Master Plan team. We attended or hosted over 100 public events throughout the planning process at various locations, including the Downtown Farmers Market, Utah Arts Festival, Twilight Concerts, Gallivan Center, Community Councils, and in workplaces and people’s homes around the city. Read about the outcomes of the Public Engagement Process here.
An Advisory Group of 33 community members was established to help guide and promote the participation process, respond to updates, provide ideas and be a sounding board for the accumulation of the total public input that resulted in a draft plan. Read about the Planning Process here.
A few finishing touches will be added to the draft and then a transmittal sending the plan on to the City Council will be prepared. Once the Council has the information they will review the Draft Plan and hold a series of briefings and public hearings prior to making a final decision. You can read the Draft Plan here and share your reactions on Open City Hall.