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Anyone with a video camera on their smartphone can share a story. Take us on a walk to your favorite place. Take us on a TRAX ride. Show us where something important to you is or used to be. If you want to get fancy and share an edited story with graphics, go for it! But for the rest of us, keep it simple.

Project Description
The Downtown Story Project will capture stories from the greater Downtown community, contributing to a civic understanding about Downtown past, present and future. It is an introductory project to the Downtown Master Plan.

We want to use story as a tool to identify what people value about the Downtown. More than oral histories, stories are powerful tools that we hope will help citizens come together to shape the future of our Downtown.

We are seeking short stories from all members of the Downtown community: business owners, residents, employees, and visitors. Whether you are part of the daily life of Downtown or visit just once a year, your story can contribute to a bigger picture about what Downtown Salt Lake is all about.

By sharing your story with us, your story will have life beyond the single telling of a story. We will share your story with the community at our public workshops and incorporate the core values into the framework for the Downtown Master Plan.

The stories can be simple, but should summarize what Downtown means to you, the storyteller. For example:

My first date with my wife was Downtown. We were just teenagers and were supposed to travel by bus with a large group of friends down to the Crossroads Mall, but our friends never showed up. The two of us hopped the bus anyway and spent the afternoon walking the Mall. I didn’t know then that she’d later become my wife, but the Downtown will always hold that first-date newness and sense of discovery for me.


Story Collection Process
Choose one of the following methods to share your story with us:

  • April 17th at City Hall.
  • This option is no longer available.

  • Self Submissions. Record your own story and share it with us via YouTube* and we will add it to our DowntownPlanSLC Channel feed. See the Guidelines below.


*We will review the self-submitted stories for content before posting to our dedicated YouTube channel. We reserve the right to refuse stories with inappropriate content or language.


Story Collection Guidelines

  • Please keep your story under 2 minutes in length.

  • Begin or end your story by introducing yourself. We require at least a first name.

  • Consider adding photographs to your video to help illustrate your story. You are responsible for owning the content. No blatant advertising.

  • Consider touring the viewer around the Downtown to the site where your story takes place. How has it changed? What happened there?

  • Title your video with your name (at least your first name), theme (if desired), and “Downtown Story Project SLC”

  • Do NOT tag your video.

  • Once you upload your video, complete this form. Approval may take 24 hours (longer, if you submit over the weekend).