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Revised Draft Downtown Master Plan: Story of Our Future (19 MB)

We are pleased to announce that the revised Draft Downtown Plan is now available for your review. The Downtown Master Plan is a 25-year vision and implementation plan that directs growth and development in the downtown. It reflects the outcomes of nearly 18 months of public engagement and directly incorporates what our community values.

This past fall we hosted several meetings to discuss proposed changes to the draft plan. This revised draft represents the Planning Division’s recommended changes to the Planning Commission based on these discussions and other comments we received. We hope you will be pleased with the results. For a complete list of the changes, see this pdf our recommended changes.

Many of you participated in these meetings, sent us comments, or contributed through previous events and workshops. For this we are truly grateful. The draft plan is a direct outcome of these conversations through which we experienced mutual learning of the needs and desires of others.

Tell the Planning Commission What You Think about the Plan

February 25th – 5:30 PM

Room 326 of the City & County Building (451 S State St)

On February 25th, we invite you to join us at the Planning Commission meeting to voice your support for the revised plan. See the Planning Commission Agenda. The revised draft is posted on Open City Hall for you to submit comments or you can email us directly:

We appreciate your ongoing commitment to the Downtown Plan. Please contact us with any questions.

This graphic illustrates our planning process to date on this project. It shows that we are currently following an alternative path towards adoption of the plan in response to public concerns raised following the August Planning Commission hearing. We hope this clarifies where we are and we will continue to communicate where we are going and how you can be involved.

DIAG Our Planning Process (rev2)