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Click here to download the DRAFT Downtown Plan

In a unanimous decision on August 26, 2015, the Planning Commission recommended the most recent draft of the Downtown Plan (19 MB) to the City Council for adoption. This is a milestone moment in the planning process and we are really excited about the draft plan and what it will mean for our city.



  1. Edits: Planning staff will make the edits to the draft plan that the Planning Commission requested last night (there were two). We will make the edited draft available here very soon.

  2. Transmit to City Council: The draft plan and all of our supporting work, records of public comments, and more will be transmitted to the City Council.

  3. City Council Process: It will be up to the City Council to add the Downtown Plan to their agenda in the coming months. There will be additional opportunity for you to comment on the draft and shape the final version of the plan before it is adopted. We will keep you posted as to when the plan will be discussed by the City Council so that you can be there to support it.



Looking for a summary of the plan and the recent changes? Download the Planning Commission powerpoint presentation (August 26, 2015).



Want to share your thoughts on the draft? You can email us directly, and we will forward your comments to the City Council:



The Downtown Community Plan is a long-term vision and implementation plan that directs growth and development in the downtown. It reflects the outcomes of over 2 years of public engagement and directly incorporates what our community values. The Downtown Community Plan’s vision is that Downtown is the premier center for sustainable urban living, commerce, and cultural life in the Intermountain West. The vision statement establishes the community’s aspirations and directs us where to go. A vision statement serves the greatest number of people, has long-term outcomes, and requires public and private commitment.

The plan anticipates what people will need and want in the future. It features partnership with the private sector to grow the economy and housing choice as a critical component to fulfilling City Hall’s livability goals. Key themes include:

  • Jobs-Housing Balance: Increasing the residential population to 20,000 by 2040;

  • Economic Development: Growing downtown’s role as a commercial engine for the city, region, and state;

  • Livability: Improving neighborhood or district-level amenities, transportation, and housing choice; and

  • Destination: Making downtown a world-class destination with the best quality of life in the country.

Since the summer of 2014, we have made a series of changes to the draft plan. This version (dated August 12, 2015) represents the Planning Division’s recommended changes to the Planning Commission based on a year of discussions, public meetings, and comments we received.

Some helpful documents:

  • List of public comments received and how the plan responds to them, see this list.

  • Documentation of the October-November 2014 public meetings, see here.

  • Complete list of the changes since the August 2014 draft, see this list of ALL recommended changes to Draft Plan since 8-27-14.

  • Short(er) list of the most recent changes, see this list of changes (since May 1, 2015). Items highlighted in yellow are all changes related to economic development, reflecting alignment with the City’s economic development efforts, EnterpriseSLC. Items highlighted in blue reflect specific transportation-related changes.



So many of you participated in this planning process. For this we are truly grateful. The draft plan is a direct outcome of this process through which we experienced mutual learning of the needs and desires of others.

We appreciate your ongoing commitment to the Downtown Plan. Please contact us with any questions. Contact Molly Robinson, project manager for the Downtown Plan: (801) 535-7261